Thursday, September 8, 2011

relationships between teaching functions and skills

Teaching functions and teaching skills go hand in hand.  Teaching functions allow us as teachers to focus why we are teaching the behavior rather than focusing on the behavior itself.  To preform your teacher function, it all depends on how you feel comfortable teaching it.  Examples of this can be videos demonstrations, and even explanations.  Teaching skills are basically the skills that you are trying to teach through the use of teaching functions.  One teaching function is presenting the task to they students.  One way you as a teacher can go about this is through the use of video and how some other professional teaches the skill.  Another was is through the use of demonstrations.  Being the teacher you can show the students how to properly preform the specified task using your professional knowledge about it.  For example teaching volleyball.  You can show a video how to demonstrate one aspect of the game and you can use your knowledge to teach them another aspect of the game.  Another one is developing the content.  One way this can be done is to have the students work on accomplishing them individually.  Another way is to have them work on completing the tasks in groups and having them participate in mini competitions between the groups.

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