Wednesday, December 7, 2011

It's Christmas Time at St. Mary's

This was my final lab at St. Mary's this year.  For this lab I worked with the Pre-K students again.  We started out outside again running around the playground.  We were playing tag, hide and seek, hot lava with alligators, as well as sliding down the slide.  As they children were sliding down the slide, we were giving them high fives.  They absolutely loved the high fives.  At first they were not really enthused to slide down the slide.  After the high fives started flying the children absolutely loved flying down the slide.  Later on in the afternoon we had more and more students sliding down the slide slapping hive fives with everyone.  When we went inside I led my snowball challenge game.  This game had two teams on opposite sides of a 'fence' and the children had to throw the 'snowballs' to the side.  The winning team won stickers to decorate the ornaments that we brought in for the craft.  There was a few students that did not want to participate, but for the most part they seemed very excited to play.  They did a great job throwing the balls over the mat.  Some of them were using the T technique to throw, while we had to help others use the technique.  Overall this was a very great experience for me to gain experience teaching.   I learned a lot from this that I can use when I become a teacher myself.  This experience showed me what teaching in an elementary school is really like.  I am very thankful for this opportunity and I look forward to being a teacher assistant next semester.