Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lab A2

I felt that this lab was much easier to teach than on the first day.  I felt like I made great strides teaching from the very first day of class until now.  The first time I taught, I felt shell shocked because I have never taught before and did not know what I really needed to do.  I was much more comfortable teaching, and I will continue to get more and more comfortable as I continue.  I was much more prepared for this lab because I had a structured lesson plan written out.  Also in my notebook I wrote out my hook and what I was going to say. Using cues is an important factor in teaching as well.  I developed some cues to use like clap once to get the students attention, and clap twice to have them bring it in.  It was much easier to do my transcript too, because I could actually here myself talk.

I was much louder when I talked and gave directions.  I though my hook was very good because I related it to a real life situation.  It is important to relate it to the students because if you just start out just giving directions and backgrounds the students will lose attention fast.  Over all I feel that this lab was a very drastic improvement from the very first day.

I look forward to bettering myself as a physical educator, and becoming an influence on students life's to better their fitness level.

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