Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How do you better dodgeball?

Dodgeball is a game that was played in physical education classes and now it is placed in the hall of shame.  Dodgeball is considered inappropriate in the educational setting because it singles out students as well as having students inactive during games.  I personally feel it should be in the physical education curriculum but with some modifications.  You can have targets at the back of the gymnasium that the students have to hit instead of aiming for other classmates.  But in order to knock down the targets you have to stand a specified distance away and you can have defenders that can try to block the targets.  If you hit someone that is not a defender you would go to one side of the gym and can try to hit the targets from that specified area, and once one target gets knocked down everyone who went to 'jail' can be released.  This way you are not having students targeted, they are targeting a stationary object.  Also everyone is active trying to knockdown the targets, it helps with the issue that no one is sitting down anymore.  As a physical education teacher we want everyone to be active as much as we can!!

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