Thursday, September 8, 2011

movement task-- student response

Movement tasks are very important to students in physical education.  The movement task is essentially the heart and soul of physical education because they are the activities that the students must master to be able to move on in the lesson.  For example look at a lesson created for basketball.  First a student must have mastered the ability to run before he/she can move on to the next step of dribbling.  To help the students to become 'masters' in that skill they must practice.  You can have them dribble the ball down the line five times without losing control.  Or another could be shooting free throws.  Since they are an important part of the game of basketball, you could have them practice until the make 5 in a row.  They are the basic motor activities that allows the student to progress forward in the lesson.  Students learn about the rules of the game and how it is played as they progress through accomplishing the movement tasks.  It is also important for the teacher to provide feedback in how that particular student is mastering the specific skill that is being taught that day.  Providing positive feedback is very important for the students because it helps them learn how to preform the tasks correctly and it gives the students a positive moral if the teacher compliments them on how well they are doing.

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