Thursday, September 8, 2011

How teaching is a goal oriented activity

Teaching is a goal oriented activity because you teach your students skills they need at their age.  Teaching early elementary students concepts that you would teach seniors in high school would not be appropriate for their skill set.  As a teacher you want your students to achieve their goals that you set for them for that specific activity and school year.  For example you want your kindergartners to learn the basic motor skills before moving on to much more difficult stuff.  As your students progress in age you want them to progress their skills in physical activity as well.  You set goals for your students to achieve on a yearly basis, if you see one student struggle and not achieve one of the goals you set for your teaching lessons than you might see yourself as not a failure, but someone to think 'what could I have done better'.  Whatever level you teach you always have goals for your students to learn and achieve before they feel comfortable to tackling more difficult adventures.

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