Saturday, October 29, 2011

Teaching the sport of cricket

Cricket, the national sport of England and originated during the mid 1500's.  The art of pitching in cricket is called bowling, and I taught this last week to the class.  Technology was brought in and used to assist me in teaching the art of bowling to my class.  Using technology in the classroom was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  It helped me out greatly because it gave the students another perspective on the technique of bowling, more than what I could have showed them myself.

We had ten minutes to teach and it went much smoother than I anticipated.  This teaching lab I brought in and used my visual aids to help me teach the important cues.  I also brought in my classroom rules to display to the class.  Overall I thought this teaching experience was another improvement over the last.  One big one was how I used the time allotted to teach.  The students were much more active than last lesson, and I felt that was a big step forward.  Also in my opinion I handled a couple of students acting up very well, even though I was not very disciplinary.  One kept bouncing the ball when I was talking so I removed the ball from his hands and used him in my demonstration.  Also I am starting to use more and more variations in teaching.  I used demonstrations from multiple angles, as well as pinpointing to show how I expected the lesson to be preformed.  I feel like I keep making improvements forward step by step which is making me a better all around teacher.  Also I felt like that my voice was much clearer to understand and louder making it easier for the students to understand.  It is nice watching myself teach and seeing myself making improvements every time I teach. 

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  1. I like how you are seeing yourself as a reflective teacher, and analyzing you're teaching abilities to better yourself. Well done.