Sunday, October 23, 2011

St. Mary's Lab 3

This week I worked with the pre-k group, and they really tire you out.  It was a blast working with them.  I was very impressed seeing how developed they were with their motor skills.  When we were out on the playgroup playing hot lava, tag, and hide and go seek I was very impressed with their running ability.  It seemed that some of them, at least the children that I was working with were well beyond the initial stage of running, into the early elementary, and about ready to jump right into the mature running state.  As we moved inside I lead a game called crossing the brook.  In this game I brought two jump ropes laying next to each other on the gym floor and we jumped over them using the leap and horizontal hop that we were observing earlier in the day.  The children performed very well with these tasks, and were really eager to play the game.  It was great working with the students Monday.  I feel the more I teach here, and with 255 I am improving as a teacher tremendously.  I look forward to next week to improve my teaching ability to become the best teacher that I can become.  Working here at St. Mary's is a blast, it is a very good learning experience, and I look forward to continuing the semester working here helping the students improve their physical education abilities.

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