Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween at St. Mary's

Halloween at St. Mary's was a blast.  The children were all wound up because of the holiday and they were all looking forward to going trick or treating.  It was very difficult to keep them under control while teaching them the game that I created.  We started out playing tag outside on the playground.  I was dressed up in a banana costume and all the kids tried ripping my top off chasing me.  When we came back inside it was a little difficult to keep the kids attention while explaining my game of ghost and goblins with them.  They were very wild, excited, and just wanted to run around.  I thought my game went very well even though it was difficult to explain my game to them due to their excitement.  It was very enjoyable seeing the children excited see everyone dressed up for Halloween, you feel a better connection to the students that way.  It also shows that you are making an effort in trying to relate to them.  After I was done teaching was went to Hula Hoop with Freddy.  He was very good at it, much better than me I must say.  He was tell ing me that a pre-k student taught him how to do it, by swinging your hips forward and backwards.  He was teaching me how to do it.  Also he was telling me how he was trying to catch a ball and throw it back while hula-hooping for the talent show that was coming up.  This was another successful lab and I look forward to leading games next time for Thanksgiving.

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