Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mini Conference

Last week on October 7 I attended the SUNY Cortland mini conference.  This was a very neat experience and I really enjoyed it.  I helped work the registration desk during the morning shift.  I just wanted to get involved and help out in some way.  Also I attended the big parachute and little toys activities workshop.  Mr. John Smith came to present this activity.  Mr. Smith is a retired national teacher of the year and is currently a consultant for Flaghouse Inc.  I found this workshop to be very useful because I can use these activities that I learned and incorporate them into my physical education class.  We learned many activities for a large parachute and some activities with little toys such as noodle bits, foam pizzas, and shake sticks.  I really enjoyed this workshop and I hope I can use some of these activities because I want to be an elementary teacher and the students would absolutely love them.  Here is a link to get some ideas for games and products that may come in handy as a teacher.

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