Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thanksgiving at St. Mary's

Monday's lab I was in the group who led the main activities.  I taught Turkey Soup.  It was a soccer type game where all the 'ingredenents' were placed in the middle of the gymnasium and bring it back to the 'pot' by kicking the balls into the goal.  I was able to keeps the kids attention very well this week because I kept my instructions short, so I would not lose them and their attention.  It was very fun even though only 5 students participated at first.  The students that participated seemed very excited to play and loved the game.  When I was asking some of the students who were not participating in the game one student said he did not want to play my game.  After the gymnasium was done we went down to the cafeteria.  I was playing mancala with Tim, and after I played store with Suzy.  They were very happy to have us students their playing with them and they loved every minute of it.  Back up in the gym I played tag with Joey, and Billy.  They were having a riot trying to tag me and have me be it.  It was a lot of fun today.  I look forward to the last lab at St. Mary's.  Even though it is the last lab that we will have their, it was a great experience where I learned a lot about teaching to the elementary aged school kids.  They are so excited to see us every time we go, and every week they tire you out because you are playing with them and chasing them around the gym.  

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