Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Lab D was my final teaching lab for 255.  This lab was very exciting for me to teach because I was teaching something that I was not very familiar with, Zumba.  Zumba is a type of dance that is the latest fitness craze that is swiping the nation.  It brings in Latin dance rhythms and creating a dance routine.  I really enjoyed teaching this lab because it challenged me in a whole new way.  Not only was it challenging because of the lack of dance skills that I have, but I taught a new teaching style as well.  I was able to use the practice teaching technique for this lab.  I felt for my first ever experience using practice teaching went very well.  From here it will only get better.  I felt my strong points of the lesson was demonstrations, and keeping the class under control for the most part, even though Sarah did a backflip that I did not catch.  I feel that demonstrations are my strong point because I use multiple view and also have students come up and demonstrate them for the class as well.  I feel that I need more practice on giving congruent feedback.  I did hear my self give a lot of general feedback, just saying nice job or way to go, but I felt I did not give enough congruent feedback to the class that pertained to what they were doing.  I also felt very comfortable teaching this lesson even though I had very little experience with Zumba in the past.  Also I brought in a different aspect in how I used technology.  In this lesson I wanted my students to get a hands on experience working with technology in a physical education setting.  I created a blog for the class and asked them to answer some assignments and post about what they learned in the class.  I feel that intergrading this is important especially for the future and what it might hold.  In the future I feel that technology will have an even bigger presence in the physical education world.  It is good to have your students be familiar with technology and how it can be incorporated into the class setting.  Overall I feel that as the year went on I am getting stronger aspects as a teacher.  I am using a wider variety of strategies such as incorporating instant activities, having experience teaching in more than one technique, and also stepping outside of my comfort zone to teach different topics and lessons.  This is a really great class and I have learned so much so fast to better myself as a teacher.  I can not wait to see what lies in the future that I can use to become a better teacher, and I look forward to bettering my skills and becoming the best teacher that I can possibly be.  I want to keep challenging myself as much as I can, because that is the only way to can better yourself and succeed at a high level, challenging yourself and keep striving to reach your goals.        


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  1. I am glad you feel as though you are progressing as a teacher. That is because you are! Great job on this lesson!